Athens Show

Beautiful dancers, selected music and a specially designed erotic scene are a great place to escape. Alcatraz is considered one of the best live scenes in Athens. Cleverly show, great costumes and talented dancers who promise endless laughter, fun, sexuality! For those looking for enthusiasm, women and male dancers are in Alcatraz to fulfill your every wish. Do not miss it … Lovely dancers who have been chosen to find exactly what you are looking for. Unforgettable experience in this unique club confirms an endless game and at the same time a relaxation.


Remarkable Experience

This unique club ensures an exciting game and at the same time a pleasant relaxation.

VIP Guests

The wide range of our guests shows our participation in creating a great environment.

Secur. & Discr.

Our independence and engagement ensures unforgettable recreation and fun. Corporate invoices are provided to business customers.

Impeccable Reputation

We ensure that every client who has visited Alcatraz Live Strip Club once, feels an irresistible temptation to visit again.